Jaakko Hanninen 🇫🇮


Jakko is a Finnish Pro cyclist born in 1997. He is currently racing for World Tour Team AG2R-La Mondiale.
He has won the bronze medal at the U23 Road World Championships in 2018.

Jakko's favorite Nimbl

Jakko's Q&A

What is your specialty?

I am a climber

What are your ambitions as a Pro rider?

I have put aside a season with injuries, so now I target to have some solid seasons ahead. My goal is now being a loyal domestique but riding

For the win when I have a chance. Especially on the mountain races and stages, which fit well to my specialty.

What are your career highlights?

1st at Tour de Gevaudan (UCI 1.2)

4th at Tour du Doubs (UCI 1.1)

3rd at the U23 Worlds

What are your preferred Nimbl models 

Both Exceed and Air

Why do you ride on Nimbl shoes?

Shoes are really important of the performance. Nimbl shoes have fit perfectly from the very first km. What I respect is that shoes are

Handmade in Italy and not manufactured in Asia.

What do you like about your Nimbl?

What I like about Nimbl shoes is the way they perfectly fit to my feet. They are really comfortable and with these shoes I have to take Zero compromises when it comes to performance. I like the heel cup and the carbon sole of the shoes.
In every pedal stroke the power goes straight to the pedals.