Matthijs Büchli 🇳🇱


Matthijs is a Dutch track cyclist competing in sprints events. Born in 1992 Matthijs races for the Beat Cycling Club and the National Team.
He has become multiple times National Champion in the sprint discipline. He is also World Champion in the Team Sprint event in 2018 and 2019. In this year he has won the Worlds in the Keirin event. Matthijs has won an Olympic Silver medal in Rio in the Keirin event.

Matthijs' favorite Nimbl

Matthijs' Q&A

What is your specialty?

I am a track cyclist competing in sprints events

What are your ambitions as a Pro rider?

Olympic Gold in Tokyo 2021

What are your career highlights?

Olympic Silver in Rio

World Champion in both Keirin and Team Sprint

What are your preferred Nimbl models?

Nimbl Expect and Exceed in Grey

Why do you ride on Nimbl shoes?

Nimbl because of its high quality with a focus on performance. The best shoes for sprinting and power transfer. Lightweight, stiff and aero.

What do you like about your Nimbl?

Fully custom track shoes designed for my foot for the best performance. But still keeping the level of comfort high. Perfect fit No frictions, no compromises.