Crash Replacement Policy

As much as we all try to ride safe, we know crashes happen. If your Nimbl shoes were damaged in a crash we offer several options to help get you back on the road.

  1. Small parts: Replacement heel pieces are available to order from our webshop. To replace components of the BOA Fit System, you may contact BOAdirectly to request a repair kit.
  2. If the shoes have been significantly damaged in the crash, we offer 35% off a replacement pair. The discount will be applied to current MSRP on the same or equivalent model. Standard shipping rates apply.

Qualifications and Procedure

To qualify for discounted replacement, damage must be the result of a crash. Normal wear and tear is not covered by our replacement policy.

Proof of purchase within 2 years of claim submission from or an authorized retailer is required.

You must provide photo documentation of the crash damage.

If you meet the above criteria, please select Crash Replacement from our Contact Form and provide the required information.

Ride safe,