Expect, the ultimate experience in track cycling shoes

Track is one of cycling’s most demanding disciplines; it is where the strongest riders in the world put out the highest watts.

Track cycling is the perfect testing ground for new developments and innovations. Thus we ventured out to bring our know-how to the track by partnering up with world class athletes. A partnership which has resulted in the EXPECT. A shoe that brings new performance standards to this discipline specifically developed to meet the demands of powerful athletes.

This is the Expect

The EXPECT is a full-custom, handmade product and is developed with a single objective: to translate pure power into raw speed. The perfect shoe for those athletes that specialize in (team) sprint, keirin, 500/1.000 meter TT and even (team) pursuit specialists. If it is good enough for world champions, it may just be good enough for you.

Power transfer is key


It takes a unique product to translate world class athletes’ 2.500 watts of peak power into pure speed. This kind of power output requires a tight fit, an ultra-stiff platform whilst maintaining an aerodynamic shape.
The EXPECT is a full carbon shoe completely built around your feet. The specifications are fully based on your requirements. Ultimately stiff or rather a balance between high-stiffness and low weight. A mold is made from both your feet, which forms the basis for your personal shoe design. This truly unique, labor intensive process ensures that your requirements on fit, power transfer and weight are met.

Less is more

MUCH MORE (175 gram)


The EXPECT is built up from carbon fiber. Only. Your personal mold ensures the exact, perfect fit. In our experience, track riders go for the ultimate performance, hence chose light weight over comfort and thus to ride a bare shoes. Nevertheless, as your EXPECT is a full custom project, you can choose whichever internal finishings you’d like.

Your choice is leading

Closure system

Elite track riders are peculiar people with their peculiar requirements. As a consequence, we are fully flexible to integrate any closure system you desire.

For more info about the EXPECT and to know what it takes to own yours, get in touch with us here.