Limited Editions

Nimbl riders are unique and riding Nimbl shoes already make them stand out from the masa. Now we make it possible for you to stand out even more.
With Limited edition, during a limited period of time, we offer models with a unique design that will be manufactured to order for a limited amount of time.

A certificate confirms the limited number of our shoe and is signed by the craftsman that has assembled your shoe. These can only be ordered directly at Nimbl and will be delivered to your doorstep. Due to the limited run, only one pair per customer is allowed.

ULTIMATE Velodrome Edition

In cooperation with Team Jumbo Visma we have developed a ‘Velodrome’ shoe design to complement their Tour de France kit and bike. The kit inspired by the belief that a firm belief in your dreams can inspire big achievements. With our limited edition shoe we want to assist in igniting dreams worldwide.

The nimbl Ultimate model features a constellation of stars which represent the power of following your dreams.  Because of your strong interests we have decided to launch the design as a limited edition model. It can be ordered ONLY during the Tour de France and will be shipped upon completion to you.

ULTIMATE Pink Edition

This Giro d’Italia was another highlight in our short history. With four stage wins, won by riders from four different countries, representing four different teams, all on nimbl shoes this Giro was by far our most successful grand tour in our short history. To top that off with a thrilling GC victory, we are humbled and extremely proud.

We want to celebrate this success with you. We will offer a special version of our Giro d’Italia winning Ultimates with a small pink accent.

Giro 2023 Edition

During May, pink is the most beautiful color in pro-cycling. For us as an Italian brand, the Giro is one of the absolute highlights of the season. A thrilling time anticipated by the fans and pro-riders alike, the start of the Grand Tour Season, a race that does not lie. Where the strongest and most tenacious ultimate ascent the podium when the line is finally crossed in Milano. This year’s Giro will be combatted by some of Cycling’s super stars, many of them riding nimbl. We can’t wait for the apotheose, you?

We offer an ULTIMATE ltd edition Giro d’Italia model to those inspired by the race and those who want to own something truly unique. Take your time to consider, but not too much, because this ltd edition will be on offer for only two months. Please note that all nimbl shoes are handmade to order. this Giro edition Ultimate will require 15 working days lead time.

ULTIMATE Camo-edition

The nimbl team is very proud to partner with all Jumbo Visma cycling teams for the next years. The thought of getting direct feedback from the world’s best female and male cyclists excites us as it will allow us to continue to develop better products. To get the teams’ riders introduced to our shoes, we designed a camouflage pattern in Jumbo Visma style, for the very first pair of nimbl shoes each rider received.

We have decided to offer this design as a limited edition. To celebrate our exciting new partnership, but moreover to offer you the possibility to also ride like a Pro. Don’t hesitate for too long as this Camo-edition will only be offered for a limited amount of time.


At nimbl we have something with the shiny stuff. Not too much, kind of subtle, but yet some of you have asked us to be a bit more bold. But not too much.

Well, bold these limited edition ULTIMATE GOLD shoes certainly are. Not too much, because we will only make 100 pairs of this limited edition. So therefore, you have got to be decisive. You have got to be quick, by the first reactions to this model, we feel, it is going to go very quick.

Giro 2021 Edition

This year is the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri, commonly known as the “father” of the Italian language. Our latest limited edition Air is a recognition to one of the most important Italian Characters and a tribute to the most important Italian Race.

The AIR is our lightest shoes in our collection, incorporating both innovation and tradition. The minimal design and high performance structure are enriched of a blend of details that represent both the Giro and Dante.

An item to collect as well as one to show off in epic rides.

Spring 2021 Edition

Behind us lies the cold and dark winter. No more dirty, wet roads. Gone is the dire need for shoe covers and bibtights. Enter spring with its mild sunshine and blue skies; a bit fresh in the mornings, mostly pleasant in the afternoons. Riding in Spring just is easier and so much more fun.

You can make this year’s spring rides extra pleasant with our Spring limited edition Exceeds. Nothing to make you look extra good on the bike than a pair of brand new, ultra-exclusive bright white cycling kicks. With its vibrant, bright accent colors these limited edition shoes mirror your mood as you set for another great day in the saddle. Go on, you deserve it! But be quick, because Summer starts June 1st which is when the Spring Edition will cease to be available.

Gold edition

We expect 2021 to become a golden year for the athletes we support and thus for Nimbl. With over twenty world tour riders racing nimbl shoes this season and a victory on the first European race day a successful year is in the stars.

And though the global pandemic makes many things unsure, 2021 is also slated to be a Olympic year and our track sprinters will travel to Tokyo with the goal to fulfil their ultimate ambition of becoming the Olympic champions.

For all these reasons we have decided to give our two bestsellers AIR and EXCEED the ‘golden treatment’. They will be ultra-exclusive, highly desirable and will come in limited supply, hence you better be quick!

Giro 2020 Edition

Italy’s most iconic race undoubtedly is the Giro d’Italia. The unique and varied Italian scenery, the passion of the tifosi, the beauty and style of the cities. Being rooted in Italy and having a true passion for racing and being represented by several riders at the 2020 edition of the race, we decided to equip those riders with their favoured nimbl models featuring a unique design to honour the race and to give them another motivation to push for the best.