Limited Editions

Nimbl riders are unique and riding Nimbl shoes already make them stand out from the masa. Now we make it possible for you to stand out even more.
With Limited edition, during a limited period of time, we offer models with a unique design that will be manufactured to order in a guaranteed limited edition of 25 units.

A certificate confirms the limited number of our shoe and is signed by the craftsman that has assembled your shoe. These can only be ordered directly at Nimbl and will be delivered to your doorstep. Due to the limited run, only one pair per customer is allowed.

Giro 2020 Edition

Italy’s most iconic race undoubtedly is the Giro d’Italia. The unique and varied Italian scenery, the passion of the tifosi, the beauty and style of the cities. Being rooted in Italy and having a true passion for racing and being represented by several riders at the 2020 edition of the race, we decided to equip those riders with their favoured nimbl models featuring a unique design to honour the race and to give them another motivation to push for the best.

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