Technology and design for a high-class jewel.

Technology and design for a high-class jewel.

In the heart of the Marche, we transform technology into beauty.

As in architecture, harmony and solidity must go hand in hand: a great work of beauty stands on a solid foundation. We rely on the hands of our craftsmen and the know-how of traditional production. Experimentation and technology do the rest.

The heart of our technology.

One of our strengths is the unique carbon monocoque chassis, with its handmade layup and carbon placement, designed for different stresses. Anatomical and biomechanical studies have led us to this particular design which naturally follows the shape of the foot. It’s all about tradition combined with innovation.

Lighter than air.

While stiffness is important at the time of delivering power, weight is key to manage your energy consumption. We work to help our athletes to stay light. All Nimbl shoes are created to offer the highest compromise in weight and stiffness.

A style that will leave you speechless.

Aesthetics goes hand in hand with technology. Nimble shoes are not only efficient, they are stylish. Our minimalistic approach to design results in well balanced shoes that will make other cyclists speechless.