The Italian craftsmanship, journey to the heart of Nimbl.

The Italian craftsmanship, journey to the heart of Nimbl

Handmade in Italy is one of our big values.

In the Marche countryside, where footwear has been part of the culture for generations, Nimbl was born in the wake of the manufacturing tradition of a district of excellence. From here, they have travelled the world, on the feet of champions, preserving the handcrafted character that makes them a product not only of excellence but also of personality.

Moved by traditions.

Tiny shops, traditions passed from father to son, nights spent in the workshop with a dim light, creating something unique with their own hands. That's how every great little story begins: from nothing, thinking about the whole.

Like many artisans in the region, Nimbl keeps its traditions where the products are still made by hand, with such an attention to detail that makes them so special in the eyes of the world.

Our roots speak their own language.

The Italian 'artigianato' is the soul of Italy itself: proudly rooted in the land, it carries with it a set of skills, words, gestures and memories that are at the heart of the social history and heritage of many areas. The importance of handcrafting in our country goes beyond economy and prestige, these values speak of what Italy is made of: work, creativity, love of tradition, family, culture.

The art of tailoring.

The choice of raw materials, quality and durable fabrics is fundamental to creating not only a product but a truly unique work of art. We are human beings, and we learn the art of precision to patiently apply it to the shoes we create. Likewise, we develop creativity, passion and aesthetic sense that leads us to think of the customer as a person to be ``dressed.`` Just as the tailors did in the workshops that wrote the history of Italian fashion.

It is worth waiting.

It takes years to train a talent. Time is a key factor in achieving quality. That's why we take the time to build each shoe, to give our craftsmen the opportunity to create a personal masterpiece dedicated to cyclists. We create unique pieces, as unique is our love for craftsmanship.