We commit to the riders’ dreams.

We commit to the riders' dreams.

The Exceed Ultimate Glide are designed to be the ultimate ally when competing around the world.

Isaac del Toro

The power released in a sprint, the ease of a climb and the steadiness of a breakaway with the hope of reaching the finish line first. Everyone needs a muse to create masterpieces, and ours is the rider.

Built for your best.

Nimbl was born alongside the riders. We created our first shoes with the pros in mind, and we continue to take their needs into account.

Each and every one of their successes is another step along the journey that we are taking every day to bridge the gap between participating and winning.

Designed with a deliberately minimalist silhouette, the new shoes have been engineered for maximum performance and versatility. We look forward to seeing them on the feet of our athletes starting with the next major competitions.

A star is born.

At just 20 years old, Isaac Del Toro has the talent of a racehorse. After winning numerous races in the youth categories, the world discovered his talent. Today he rides for Team UAE Emirates and competes with the best riders on the international cycling scene.

Nimbl is now at his side, which is enough to explain the brand's deep passion for a gruelling and meticulous sport that offers immense dreams to promising young riders.

Cycling is a sport where you have to make choices: what you want to be, how far you want to go, how much you want to suffer, how much you care about that goal. Riding Nimbl is my choice because – to be honest – they are not just shoes, they are a tool. Knowing that I have Nimbl on my feet helps me to concentrate on the race, on the strategy, or on my tasks. I want to learn the most from everything I experience, I want to be a better cyclist, ride after ride, and wearing “the Glide” is part of that journey.

Isaac del Toro

From our craftsmen to the champions - with love.

In a sport of challenges, ours is to create shoes that are one with the riders. We designed, engineered and created the Exceed Ultimate Glide with one idea in mind: this is what athletes will be using in competition. Finding the solution is our mission, the rest is the magic of handmade in an Italian workshop.

Competition is our main source of inspiration.

We’ve spent hours, days, weeks watching races live and on television. Our obsession for competition has led us to base our research on what we love, thinking about how to improve athletes' performance. The Exceed Ultimate Glide are the result of every detail studied on the courses, aimed to completely revolutionize the concept of performance as we know it.